SalesGuard is the coverage you need to secure your business, the cash protection every business needs, available anytime. SalesGuard is not insurance, so there is no monthly premium obligation or commitment. You only incur an expense when and if you use SalesGuard.

SalesGuard is a type of business coverage that can be used in a number of ways. One example is when the unforeseen happens and you need immediate access to cash to mitigate expenses until everything gets back to normal. As every business owner will tell you, it is essential, whether starting out, or well established, to conduct a risk assessment and identify anything that might go wrong. For instance, when a disaster happens hundreds or thousands of miles away and interrupts shipments that can negatively affect your business; you can maintain daily operations, pay your bills, and even have peace of mind knowing your business is covered with SalesGuard.

With SalesGuard, many businesses are able to stay current with their landlord, cover a short fall, make necessary loan payments, and even supplement payroll. Many Financial Institutions, Leasing Companies and Insurance Agents are offering SalesGuard for greater security and protection that on time payments are always made.

SalesGuard also provides BillGuard, which is the first and only bill payment service that pays your bills when you can’t. Whether it’s hundreds or thousands of dollars, BillGuard keeps businesses current with their vendors.

“There are many types of insurance policies available for businesses, but business owners need coverage that will give them access to cash when they need it. SalesGuard provides the security of knowing that whatever happens you can make it work. It really is the coverage you need to secure your business” said David Allen, Executive VP of SalesGuard.

Our mission is to become the new standard in business coverage as more businesses see the benefit of having immediate access to cash. We expect it to become as common place as having liability and workman’s compensation insurance. And we are always innovating news ways to to help move this paradigm into the public domain and make it an unequaled and necessary service for every qualified business.