Welcome to the home of Sally Symonds, Brisbane’s health and fitness mentor who focuses on weight loss, and who leads by example. And what a shining example she is to anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit and healthy and enjoy a fresh new lease on life. For Sally has truly been there and done that.

Despite the nay-sayers claiming that you can’t lose a lot of weight quickly and keep it off, Sally shed a staggering 45 kg in 33 weeks in 2002-03 (almost 1.5 kg per week). Not only that, but she kept that weight off for 5 years and then went on to lose an additional 6 kg. To put that weight loss in perspective, only one of Australia’s “Biggest Losers” – has a bigger weight loss percentage… and Sally wasn’t locked away in some boot camp. She did it while balancing a busy life and very hectic career. To this day Sally has not only kept that weight off, but trimmed down to her ideal ‘fighting’ weight, with none of the abundance of telltale loose skin that can accompany major weight loss.

Sally Symonds is living proof that losing weight needn’t be hard, boring or short lived, even if – especially if – you are a time-poor professional. This pocket rocket, a dynamic motivator, has the uncanny ability to empower you and inspire you, to keep you focused on your long-term health, fitness and weight loss objectives without being obsessive, without tedious repetitive exercise and without draconian diets & regimes.

Yet as you are about to discover, weight loss guidance and personal health and fitness are just two of Sally’s many strengths. She is also a highly respected motivational speaker, corporate health consultant, communications professional, author, and so much more.

So if you’re seeking to be inspired, if you’re seeking to be motivated, if you’re seeking to be educated, then look no further.

The dynamic Sally Symonds has so many strings to her bow – weight loss authority, health and fitness writer, educator, actor, researcher, company director, voice coach, corporate consultant, presenter, motivator, amateur nutritionist and more. Yet far from being ‘a jack of all trades’ Sally, (although modesty would forbid her from saying so herself) is truly a master of them all. And what Sally has mastered most is the ability to help corporations and individuals re-invent themselves, to change their lives for the better. As Brisbane’s leading health, fitness and weight loss mentor, she will arm you with whatever it takes to inspire you and instill you with the confidence you’ll need to continue your own weight loss journey.

In the business world, Sally is regularly engaged as a highly regarded consultant in corporate communication & presentation skills.  Her enthralled clients have ranged from national and international companies to media identities, actors and other creative artists.

Sally has been providing high-quality mentoring services to both groups and individuals for over 15 years.  During this time, she has developed many long-standing relationships with clients.  In fact more than 90 per cent of her work comes from repeat business or referrals from existing clients.  Sally’s training consistently generates excellent, tangible, measurable results and much positive feedback.

Goldman Sachs & JB Were
Mission Australia
Niche Consultants
Women in Technology
Women in Biotechnology
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Queensland Health
Queensland Police Force
Queensland Department of Education

Sally Symonds believes that the best thing about her amazing weight loss – literally halving her weight – is that it inspires so many others to follow her lead. Like you, she used to put losing weight and regaining her health in the ‘too hard’ basket…until she actually tried. Now Sally knows that anything is possible, for her and, more importantly, for you.

If you want to live life to the fullest and/or lose weight and/or achieve the perfect work-life balance, you must call Sally. She is the voice of experience on all these counts. As well as being morbidly obese, she was also a workaholic regularly working up to 116-hours a week, eating anything and everything, and obviously finding no time at all for exercise.

Had Sally not turned her life around and been so determined to lose weight and reinvent herself, that sort of lifestyle could easily have proved fatal. But it’s not too late for you. Remember: the best time to lose weight is 10 years ago and today… and Sally can help you change your life right from Day 1.

While other weight loss mentors preface their programs by telling you that “it isn’t going to be easy”, Sally knows for a fact that it can be easy (and fun!) and ultimately rewarding.