Salon Armor Wristbands finally solve the ongoing problem of where hair and makeup artists put their shears, clips, comb, bobby pins and brushes while working.  Salon Armor Wristbands are the first wristbands to have sewn in magnets to hold shears securely in the pockets and bobby pins on top for easy reach.  Now hairstylists and makeup artists can work more efficiently by reaching conveniently to their wrist for all of their tools instead of snagging their clothes or bringing clips home, still attached.  Platform and makeup artists with limited workspace can use the wristband to hold the tools they need for immediate use.
Salon Armor Wristbands find a home in beauty schools where students are not allowed to put clips on their uniforms.  
Paul Mitchell, the School in St. Louis, tweeted, “Thanks Salon Armor for making us look cool on the clinic floor.”

Salon Armor wristbands were designed by a hairstylist who saw a need in the industry. She tested them for a year before taking them to a legendary hairstylist who helped take them to market.  They can be purchased at www.salonarmor.com and Etsy.com/shop Salon Armor.