Florham Park, New Jersey-based Sals TV Network, a promotional group, has launched a TV Channel creation service for business owners with their own videos. Using the Roku TV network, Sals TV Network turns independent videos into TV channels that live stream across the US.

More information is available at https://salstvnetwork.com

Recently launched, the ‘US Live Streaming TV Channel’ service looks to make TV advertising more affordable. Using Roku, which supplies over 23 million homes in America with content, Sals TV Network covers all demographics and creates a greater audience reach for minimal outlay.

The business owners supply their own video content, and Sals TV Network designs, creates and manages the TV channel for the entrepreneur. Services offered by Sals are customized to suit all budgets, and there are no ongoing costs or hidden charges.

Air time for channels varies from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of videos a business owner has. Additional program or video airing can occur within hours of creation. Of course, the entrepreneur can select their airing time frames.

Sals TV Network uses Roku TV to produce live TV streaming. This TV channel operates the number one TV streaming platform in the United States as measured by the total number of streamed hours. Roku connects users to the content that they enjoy watching, which enables business owners to reach larger audiences.

When asked about Roku TV’s success a company spokesperson said, “As of Jun 30, 2018, Roku had 22 million active accounts and the network streams billions of hours of content every quarter across the US. Anthony Wood, founder of Roku also served as the Vice President of Netflix for a term.”

To find out more about Sals TV Network, please call 1 973 307 6797 or click on the link above. Site visitors can learn more about the business owners video and TV channel services.