Come and experience a sense of peace and wellbeing at the first salt room in North Carolina, he Salt Spa of Asheville.
Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy, has been used by people in Europe for centuries.  Many go to natural salt caves to maintain good health or to heal respiratory illnesses. In the 1980's, European pulmonary physicians began to recreate the same climate as in natural salt mines by building salt rooms. In creating a salt room, salt is applied to the walls and floor and a state of the art machine, known as a halogenerator is used  to disperse very fine dry salt particles into the air. These very fine salt particles create a microclimate in the room which is breathed deeply into the lungs. This anti-bacterial properties of salt helps people with asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and other illnesses to overcome debilitating symptoms. Since salt is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it also supports good immune health. People that visit salt rooms on a regular basis are less prone to colds and flu's.

The uniqueness of The Salt Spa of Asheville is multiplied by the fact that we have used 100% pure Himalayan salt in the construction of our salt room.Of the 30-40 salt rooms that currently exist in the United States, only a handful have used Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is known as the purest salt on earth. We literally have tons of fine Himalayan salt on the walls and the floor and have created the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment you could imagine. So far, everyone that has put a foot into our salt room has been taken away by it's beauty.

Come and experience for yourself. To prepare for your visit, please come dressed comfortably. In order to maintain the micro-climate for all to enjoy, we ask that you please wear white socks and  that you not wear perfumes or fragrances, as we often have customers that are allergic to such products. We strive very hard to maintain the cleanness of the salt room and to maintain the integrity of the micro-climate as allergen-free.

I am so happy to offer Halotherapy to the Asheville community.
For more information, you may visit my web site at www.saltasiawellbeing.com