Salvantra Associates is a training and project management consulting company located in the Washington, DC metro area. We focus on providing value to information technology organizations in assisting projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Our time-tested approaches can help your Project Management Organization improve its processes to work more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Services Include

Project Management Training: Our PMP trainers can train your managers and project teams on project methodologies from Agile, SDLC, Waterfall, and other methods to help your teams learn of new methods to ensure project success.

PMO Deployment and Enhancement: We can help your organization deploy a new Project Management Organization or enhance your current operations so that you can work more efficiently.

PM Tool Configuration: From small to large corporations, our experience with multiple tools can help your organization decide on the appropriate tool to manage your projects with the proper investment.

Project Review and Audit: Preparing for client reviews and audits can be a daunting challenge. Our expertise can help you pull together a flawless presentation for your next upcoming project or milestone review.

Project Methodology Development: If you need to be compliant with either ISO 9000 or government regulations for Project Management, we can help your organization develop, modify and implement the proper processes and pass any PM process audit.

Resource Management: Helping your organization effectively utilize your resources is our specialty. We can help you manage resources so that your resources are planned appropriately across the board.

Earned Value Management (EVM): Our consultants have helped organizations establish Earned Value Management processes and help your organization get certified for government contracting.