We have been active in this field since 1995. Our diversified products range from hair & scalp care to facial, foot and the entire body care. These include creams, soap, salts etc. and are marketed under C-Land brand.

Samara uses its own system of classifying purifying natural Raw-material Match those raw products with Samara Botanical Extracts To achieve the optimum results on beauty system. Samara Dead Sea line products are the result of constant scientific research, of testing and of a continuous modernization in conformity with the most recent acquisition in beauty culture field.

We think that our Natural Dead Sea products along with modern advertising Criteria Will satisfy of beauty consumers.

Producing under private label is also possible for specific markets under Client's own responsibility and in accordance with certain conditions. To this we may add that our products are approved by both Jordan Food & Drug Administration and Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology.