In the lush (yet scorching) climate of Australia’s Kimberly region, Flip Flops are simply, your only choice for footwear. With the brutal heat and unpredictable terrain, you’d never think to shove your hooves into a constricting pair of shoes - it’s open-air or bust. Yesterday’s feet had to settle for non-stylish, unflattering Flip Flops that barely left a mark even if you wore them in wet sand! Samosomas founding grew out of desire to remedy this dilemma and bring you foot gear with purpose and head turning style. Our range of Flip Flops focus on amplifying and perfecting specific aspects of the Flip Flop user experience; whether your preference is breezy footgear for lounging on the deck or tough durable mofo’s for a trek over rough terrain, Samosomas has got your back - or foot - in every aspect.