Here's some great news for all EDM producers! I've just released a new website into open beta called Sample Wars (www.samplewars.com).
The website is a free online sample library, integrated into gaming format.

In Sample Wars,
You upload samples, those samples get rated, and highly rated samples get randomly picked to be used in battles which are initiated by the users. The ratings of samples affect your overall rank.
You can battle anyone as long as you have slots open (You get six slots and a Queue), after your slots are full, matches wait in your queue for a slot to free up.
You can either battle random people around the same rank as you, or you can specify a user and battle anyone of any rank.
When you create the battle you define the battle period, and when it is up a 7 day voting timer is initiated and your battle is added to the random battle vote queue. When the seven days are up, rank and credit rewards are dispensed and a winner is declared.

Here are some key points:

-Battle other EDM musicians from all around the world
-Multiple battle types and ways to play
-Download free samples
-Upload samples and help fuel the database
-Rate samples and battles
-Get rates, gain rank and credits
-Buy Upgrades with credits (battle types, more samples per match, doublevote, & more)
-Buy Items with credits
-Buy custom comment box skins to show off your presence
-Gain real world recognition
-Facebook/Twitter Integration (optional)
-SoundCloud Integration (optional)

As you can see, besides being fun the site has a lot to offer in the marketing department for musicians, it also provides a home base for EDM artist to collab, learn, and get free audio files; something that is becoming rather rare.
Helping to promote new music and offering a free database of samples to samplewars users is the epitome of my efforts.
The site will never charge you to play or download samples, and although you CAN buy credits and unlock things faster, you can not buy
your way up the charts, that takes real hard work, like it should.

So come check out what all the fun is about and follow us on facebook as well so we can get heard about! Can't wait to battle you guys. :}

Eloquently Signed,


Contact Info for editors:
Shai James - 323-603-9006 (please send text first)