We believe that the same free market that turns women into commodities can be transformed into a force for social good.

Americans purchase over $13 billion in greeting cards a year. We send greeting cards to express love, sympathy, joy, or thanks. These meaningful acts of love happen every single day, and now they can take on even more meaning by helping a woman rebuild a life.

Sanctuary Spring exclusively employs women who are escaping prostitution in the Philippines. Some were physically forced, some were tricked, some were forced into prostitution by the relentness of poverty. All of them want a new beginning, and your purchase of Sanctuary Spring cards sustains programs that assist them in their restoration process while also enabling them to provide food and education for their families.

Sanctuary Spring is part of the rapidly growing fair trade movement. From coffee to chocolates to flowers to clothing, consumers have more and more options every day to ensure that the money they spend on their daily purchases really do go back to helping the people who make them. When you purchase a Sanctuary Spring card, you know you are creating a job for someone who would not be able to find dignifying work otherwise. You are partnering with us to transform our global economy into a force for social good.