Sand Dollar Rodeo is the writing collective of Roy Holliday & Heath Frazier.

Based in Weatherford, Texas, they have evolved into their own custom brand of Texas Music with a unique sound and writing style that mixes elements of country, new wave, the beach, and a healthy dose of humor.

Formed in 2012, they endured a heavy live schedule for several years and eventually took a hiatus in 2016 to regroup their thoughts and plans.
The focus has always been writing original music that doesn’t sound like anyone else. After the break and a great deal of soul searching, Heath and Roy shifted SDR into being a songwriting vehicle – but one that doesn’t follow the traditional Nashville songwriter route.

“We enjoy writing and we enjoy recording. We always have. We started out as a recording project. The live schedule was not putting us where we were wanting to be, musically. We never fit the country circuit or the rock circuit. We’re neither. We finally decided to just do what we do, record it ourselves at our own studio and then pitch it to the young bucks out there who do want to be on those circuits and promotion schedules and see what happens. While we do still plan to perform live from time to time, the conscious shift to writing and recording without having the pressure of playing live and promoting albums the usual way has brought a welcome breath of fresh air. Of course, we do hope you like what we release, but we’re not out looking to hit record sales goals anymore. There’s a new mission.” – Roy Holliday

Sand Dollar Rodeo invite you to join their party and share the journey!