14 Days...3 Studios... 1 Album

American Indie Pop/Folk Rock duo Sandpaper & Lilt's debut album "O", released on Rubber Sun Records, takes you on a melodic emotional journey that is certain to strike the core of even the most tough skinned of souls.The psychedelic influenced undertones and heartfelt baritone vocals of John Colella brilliantly juxtaposed with Melanie Ruane's harmonious ethereal vocal stylings add splashes of light and energy throughout the Sandpaper & Lilt song lineup.  

The partnership of John "Sandpaper" Colella and Melanie "Lilt" Ruane was formed in the summer of 2011.The two singer/songwriters set out to make a few recordings separately in the same studio, when Colella asked Ruane to  add  her  vocal styling to one of the tracks. This spawned the two to write and arrange an entire album together in just a few days. With all the rough tracks, the two took some time to evalute what they laid down and two studios later the collaboration was complete.The result of these sessions; "O" is a poetic voyage of the "he said/she said" and the two meeting in the middle. The lyrics are well crafted, poignant and further exemplify that the human condition is eternal.Whether singing alone, together or backing one another "O" conjures an organic hybrid of American indie pop/Folk rock that evokes the spirit on many different levels.

It is evident from the onset that Colella and Ruane's influences are far and varied from each other when it comes to their roots. John's major influences closely resemble his own approach with artist like Richard Butler (Psychedelics Furs), Peter Murphy,Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen,Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Morrissey, Beth Orton, Nick Cave, and Matt Berninger of The National. As for Melanie, she was drawn to music from the 90's Grunge era .This is when she picked up her first guitar and started writing songs. Some of her favorite artists and who she is inspired by are Tori Amos,Regina Spektor,Nirvana,Hole,Elliott Smith,Tegan & Sara, Metric, Jeff Buckley,The Kills,La Roux,Lady Hawke, MGMT, MIrah, Sharon Van Etten, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, XX,and Cat Power.

Despite their own roots and their musical paths, John Colella and Melanie Ruane both like to make music that conveys a feeling rather than stick to any genre."It's more about where the song goes naturally rather than how it got there." After listening to "O",one can see how evident that really is.

This album could not have been made possible without the aide, great spirit and musicianship of a myriad of well seasoned and well known players. They are as follows.....

Mario Lalli (Guitars): Fatso Jetson,Yawning Man and many seminole Desert Rock bands

Bernie Larsen (Guitars): David Lindley & El Rayo X,Melissa Etheridge,Lucinda Williams

Butch Norton (Drums): Eels,Tracy Bonham,Fiona Apple,Lucinda Williams

David Sutton (Bass):Ben Harper,Liz Phair,Lucinda Williams

Tina Guo: (Cello): World class soloist Classical & Industrial,Self titled Artist, Featured performer (Cirque Du Soliel's) Michael Jackson: Immortal Tour

Mathias Schneeberger (Multi Instrumentalist): Earthlings?,Masters of Reality and Producer/Mixer/Masterer for such noted bands as St. Vitas,Brant Bjork and the Operators,Fatso Jetson and Mark Lanegan