While taking a different route home to New Orleans, observing all of the destruction that is still so obvious from Katrina, her heart just sank for her home town.  Wanting to do something to help, came up with the idea to open her own company and donate a percentage to the victims.

Memphis TN. November 15, 2009.  Introducing Bright Products with yoga pants, having a New Orleans, Margi Gras theme on them.  Coming up with the idea on a trip home, she realized how in need New Orleans is still in since Katrina.

The yoga pants are very comfortable and stretches with your every move.  They come in various sizes S - XL and can be found at www.brightproductsonline.com

After moving to Memphis TN, Sandy Bright took a different route home, going through New Orleans, instead of all interstate home and realizing just how much in ruins New Orleans still is.  That’s when Sandy knew she had to come up with some way to donate a percentage of the profits to help out!

Knowing that Sandy wanted to open up her own business, but didn’t know where to start, this idea just gave her the inspiration and motivation she needed to make her feel good about what she is doing.

Not knowing where to start, she had quite a few inventions on the back burner but never could quite decide what to do.  Finally, this seemed to be the perfect answer to helping others, especially in her own home town.  Then, thinking about all the other charities that need help, she decided that for every invention, she would donate to whichever charities the invention represents.


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