TravelTalkMEDIA, established in 2001, is one of the world’s most relevant travel industry new media companies, providing travel-related information, news, and entertainment to the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

TravelTalkMEDIA broadcasts through its TravelTalkRADIO, BusinessTravelRADIO and TV subsidiaries.

Programming is distributed to one million listeners in 180 countries each month through online and conventional radio distribution via satellite and cable.  Radio broadcasting reaches listeners through our distribution networks in North America, the UK, China, and 22 other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and Silk Road Region.  

TravelTalkRADIO’s weekly Sunday program receives 50,000 live, online listeners per program.  In addition, thousands of listeners access our hundreds of hours of archived programming available on our website.

For our sponsors, TravelTalkMEDIA utilizes state-of-the-art technology to distribute sponsor-specific information to 250,000 travel industry professionals, travel agents, travel journalists, and travel consumers.

In addition, we utilize a global media system (newspapers, magazines, wire services, and websites) to distribute information on sponsors to 1,500 U.S. and international media companies.

TravelTalkTelevision produces and distributes informative and entertaining programs featuring destinations throughout the world, interviews with travel industry leaders, and travel news and tips for consumers and travel professionals.

TV programming is distributed via conventional TV networks, local and regional broadcasters, and via the web - depending upon the requirements of the sponsor/advertiser.

** Please see our introduction to TravelTalkTV @ www.TravelTalkMEDIA.com/tv.html

The "New Media" and TravelTalkMEDIA
+ Over the past 14 years, the travel industry - from travel agents to tour operators to airlines and cruise lines to National Tourism Organizations and to national and international travel professional organizations - has moved from “physical” offices and locations (“bricks and mortar”) to the internet.

+ Travel Professionals still have an important and major role to play in selling their services from travel advice to tickets to tours.  However, the “interface” has moved to the internet.

+ National Tourism Organizations can no longer depend on offices, print media, and TV to promote their destinations.

+ Before going to mainstream radio and TV in 2001, TravelTalkMEDIA was the pioneer in web-based, online travel industry programming.

+ 39% of internet viewers were aged 18 to 34.

+ And 23% of internet viewers were aged 35 to 54.

+ The internet thus covers nearly all demographics.

+ 100 million popular TV programs were viewed via the internet in the U.S. during the month of December 2008.

Sponsorships and Advertising on TravelTalkMEDIA

* Web-based, internet marketing via TravelTalkMEDIA - with additional distribution via conventional radio and television - is the single most cost-effective means to reach targeted travel agents, tour operators, travel industry professionals, and consumers.

* TravelTalkMEDIA reaches travel audiences directly and at far less cost - for National Tourism Organizations, Tour Operators, Hotel and Resort Destinations, Airlines, Cruise Lines, and for the Introduction of New Destinations to the U.S. and international markets - than any other media including print and conventional radio and TV.

* AND TravelTalkMEDIA reaches the new, younger demographic of under 40 year old travelers who are critical to the future growth of the international travel and tourism industry.