brandEXPANSION is the only firm of its kind serving all aspects of franchising. With our industry background and successful franchise units established around the world, we have a time tested strategy to assist you in locating, developing, advertising, marketing and executing the optimal franchisor and franchisee strategy. brandEXPANSION brings over a dozen years of hands on experience in the field. This gives us an insider’s perspective on the business of franchising, which is an invaluable asset in supporting your objectives.  We simplify the franchise experience by providing on going consulting and support designed to deliver the most profitable franchise investment you can attain. brandEXPANSION has placed franchise units in over 1000 locations nationwide. This includes the strategy and writing of franchise documents, over 600 franchise real estate locations selected, over 200 construction projects completed and over 250 proven franchise companies currently represented.  The company also operates the leading franchise-industry social networking site, FranchiseUltraLounge.com, the industry news site brandEXPANSIONHotPress.com and the industry review site  FirstPrizeFranchise.com