Sanco Services specializes in Private Portfolio Investment Management and Asset Allocation. We design Diversified Investment Portfolios, based on the classic 5% per security model. Our Investment Management Style features the trading of Investment Grade Value Stocks  for reasonable, frequently attainable, profits. Positions are taken in well established, profitable companies, held by Institutional Investors. Most portfolios will also have some level of fixed income exposure dependent upon individual circumstances. High Quality long term positions are taken in Fixed Income Securities that can be added to when prices move lower and sold for profit when they move higher. Personal Asset Allocation formulae are strictly controlled using The Working Capital Model. We do not look beyond the New York Stock Exchange for stocks that meet our stringent Quality Requirements for Equity Investments.  

Sanco Services is a Private Investment Management Company, able to conduct business anywhere. We prefer to use just one full service brokerage firm to assure that our clients receive the level of service,  reporting, and attention that only a large relationship can demand. But full service does not have to mean excessive transaction charges.