At SANTÉ Realty Investments, we believe in taking the complexity out of traditionally hard-to-understand concepts like real estate, investments and taxation issues, to provide an easy solution for investors to enjoy the benefits of passive income.

Our investments are an easy and reliable way for both U.S. and non-American investors to realize the advantages of commercial real estate investing, without the barriers. Here’s how it works:

1. SANTÉ finds highly profitable commercial real estate properties to purchase
2. You send investment funds (capital), to invest in property
3. We manage the properties, and collect rent from its tenants
4. We deposit payments directly into your bank account each month
5. Your capital is returned to you, (or may be reinvested with us) at the end of the investment term (typically 4-5 years)

Compared to the stock market, which has only produced real returns averaging 7%-8% over the last 80+ years, real estate is capable of generating greater wealth for investors; and our team’s expertise in finding and managing income properties for maximum cash flow means worry free, high-yield returns for you! With SANTÉ, both U.S. and foreign investors can earn regular passive income — “mailbox money” — every single month, deposited directly into your bank account. What better way is there to remain confident that your investment is working for you, than seeing a bank deposit of your interest earnings each and every month?

Through our innovative asset acquisition and management methods, SANTÉ facilitates fixed rate, consistent and passive income for investors. Our streamlined investment process is perfect for clients who seek property investment in the U.S. but want the security of a fixed rate return for several years to come.