We are partners in life and in Poema, it is very important and our first priority for every wedding we undertake to make the special day of our couples an unforgettable moment and experience as they are travelling from all over the world to live their Destination wedding in Santorini and because such as special day as a Wedding  is a Dream for all of us! It will be a pleasure for us to be your “Alter Ego” in Santorini from now till your departure on the island.

Our proposals for your ceremony are endless and we will give you a lot of ideas and advices for every detail. Not only the wedding itself but also for everything you can see and do on this beautiful island! Just like Filoxenios (love of foreigners) Zeus as the King of the Gods taught us from the Greek Mythology to offer our hospitality.

As the only Event Specialist Company with experience of International Events & Projects in Santorini Island, we believe that every ceremony is a unique Personal event with unique and different needs, this is the reason that we don’t have ready standardized wedding packages in our website. We are specialists in tailor made and personalized services! Every ceremony  is a different event and every person deserves to live unique moments, so we first discuss with you and looking into your needs and dreams and then we are preparing a personalized package specifically for you based on your needs, dreams and budget. … The only we need from you is to feel free to discuss all of your thoughts and dreams with us!

We can plan and manage everything you need for your wedding from A to Z. All your dreams  for your wedding in Santorini is a part of our services. Our way of working is full wedding planning and we mean that we are close to you from the time you are contacting us till the end of the reception in order to guarantee the perfection and the success of your dreamed wedding in Santorini.