Sany Skincare is a new skincare line that began as a simple idea in 2013 by an entrepreneurial spirited vivacious woman. The idea emerged from a nightly motivating message to her family, friends and social media followers to carve your own path to happiness, and a reminder to always apply coconut and olive oil to your skin to maintain a youthful, beautiful glow. Resonating favorably with the encouraging words, her social media followers, friends and family convinced her to start a skincare line.

Sany Skincare Inc. was founded and eponymously named by serial entrepreneur, Sany Dash. Dynamic and ardent about a wide range of subjects: business, politics, food, philanthropy and travel, Sany had a short stint of getting fired from twelve different jobs throughout her 20s, and occasionally lived in her car. Recognizing the freedom that comes from working for yourself, and with an intelligible discussion with mom guiding her to follow her ambitions, Sany started an IT company with $500. From that point forward she has been able to freely branch out in numerous ventures, and cultivate rich experiences. Today, she can look back with humor and appreciate all that she has overcome to reach this point; getting fired was her good fortune.