About Akili
Akili (pronounced (uh • kē’ • lē) meaning “knowledge” in Swahili) is an enterprise performance management and business intelligence consulting firm founded in 1992 and headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas.  Akili provides solutions that support the adaptive enterprise, enabling real time planning, forecasting, and budgeting systems that are powerful, intuitive and capable of seamlessly merging all dimensions of a large scale business enterprise.

Akili’s nearly 20 years of successful service to Fortune 1000 companies speaks to their expertise, client-focus, and results-oriented standards of excellence.

Whether the need relates to business intelligence, performance management, or budgeting and forecasting, Akili’s core belief is that information becomes actionable only when presented in its proper context. Akili helps leading organizations move rapidly toward a model where planning is continuous and where the focus is on agility and adaptability.  

Akili is an SAP BusinessObjects partner and SAP services partner, working with SAP since 2008. Their shared goals center on implementing world class planning and performance management solutions for their clients from within the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio.