Steven Coen, Co-founder and CEO of SaRA Health generated the idea for SaRA after undergoing multiple physical therapy treatments and forming dependency on Vicodin after shredding his ACL and meniscus playing soccer and shoulder playing baseball.

Coen found the barriers he encountered are still the norm and not an exception for other injury patients like him and decided there needed to be a more personal and effective way to treat injuries.

SaRA is a web application which breaks down the biggest barriers to home recovery exercise compliance - unpersonalized programs, no visibility into how patients are progressing outside the office and no reminders for patients to do their exercises - resulting in shortened recovery times. Our employer clients benefit through reduced cost for workers compensation by providing better care for their employees.

After graduating from Techstars Kansas City in October, we are looking for partners who believe patients deserve more than pills, paper handouts and pats on the back to recover.

Learn more at https://sarahealth.io/ or by contacting info@sara.health.