Sarah Fielke is a quilter, a quilting teacher, a designer and an author, but most of all she is mum to her two boys. Most recently she was co-owner of a quilt shop called Material Obsession in Sydney, Australia - a very successful quilt shop where she challenged students and customers with new ideas in fabric, design and techniques.
Sarah has co-authored two successful quilt books published around the world – Material Obsession One; Contemporary Quilt Designs, and Material Obsession Two; Shared Inspiration. In these books, she challenges and inspires quilters, even those who don’t think they are ‘creative’ to step outside their comfort zone.
Sarah continues to publish patterns for magazines around the world with Down Under Quilts, Quilters Companion, Quilting Arts, Quilters Newsletter and Quiltmania magazine. And appears regularly in quilting features in high profile home magazines. She is currently writing her 3rd book, Quilting From Little Things.
Also you can find her at her popular blog, www.thelastpiece.net