Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC) International has developed innovative software and mHealth applications to keep physicians and patients engaged from the time a script is initiated through the entire treatment process. This team approach to treatment management enables patients to reap the maximum benefits and get the best outcomes, while reducing costs to the healthcare system. The HIPAA Compliant Cloud Portal allows in real time, patient's critical health information exchange among various providers like physicians, labs,  payors, hospitals and home health.

SPAC believes any efforts to improve the patient's experience in accessing and taking their medications must be highly integrated with their physician's office. Providing any patient services that do not begin with their physician leads to confusion for the patient and all other service providers. Therefore SPAC has coordinated its patient centered solutions with the physician and their staff such that they are aware and have some control over their patient's experiences. In consideration of the program's promise of success, SPAC services are funded by those organizations most interested in a positive patient experience, physicians, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Please feel free to contact SPAC to learn more about our unique model and how it will help improve the delivery of cancer treatments to the patients that need them.

Sargas Products and Services:

Medication Treatment Monitoring
SPAC Drug Adherence mHealth Applications
SPAC has developed and established patent pending methods to deliver effective solutions in compliance and adherence for patients, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. Stakeholders benefit from an all inclusive model where patients and their physicians are at the center, surrounded by resources necessary for the patient to receive the right drug at the right place and at the right time. In tune with our commitment to innovation, SPAC has created a multi platform mobile app for the I Phone and Android platforms, to keep physicians and patients engaged from the time a script is initiated through the entire treatment period. This application enables patients’ adherence to the prescription protocol prescribed by their physicians and there by reap the maximum benefits from their medications.

Mobile Oncology Medication Therapy Monitoring ®
Medication Therapy Monitoring ®
Drug Adherence ®

Chronic Care Management:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
has adopted separately billable codes to improve
payment and access to chronic care management
(CCM) services for Medicare beneficiaries with two or
more serious chronic conditions.
Health care professionals have an opportunity to be
separately paid for important services while improving
your Medicare patients’ self-management, health
outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Chronic Care Management Cloud ®
SPAC Chronic Care Management Physician, Patient and Pharmacy Portals ®
Mobile Chronic Care Management ®

Remote Patient Monitoring:
Remote patient monitoring provides a turnkey
sustainable solution to improve patient adherence
and facitlitate communication between
physician and their patient to deliver better quality of
care and reduce hospitalizations and healthcare