We perform wedding ceremonies at your location or ours.  Call to speak to a Wedding Officiant / Minister From St Louis Wedding Chapel in St Louis.  St Louis Wedding Chapel is located in the South County Area in Saint Louis Mo.  Our wedding officiants / ministers are here to help you fulfill your dreams for your wedding with a truly meaningful wedding ceremony.  Looking to elope or just wanting to get married on short notice and have a ceremony that is short & simple but still meaningful?  Maybe you were thinking of a courthouse wedding but want more?  Somewhere beautiful and take a few pictures to capture the memory.  Call us today to book a small wedding in our very own St Louis - Las Vegas Style Wedding Chapel.  Or to have our wedding officiant help you prepare a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony at a location of your choosing.  We have performed wedding ceremonies all over St Louis and surrounding areas Including places like the Jewel Box, Piper Palm House, Beautiful City and County Park Weddings and much more.  We are here to help any way we can, and even help you choose a destination or venue to suit your needs.  So no matter what type of wedding ceremony you are considering give us a call our officiant are always happy to help.  Call us Today  314 472-5017