The Satellite TV Providers war is very similar to the Coke and Pepsi wars. Both has been going on for decades now with equal followers for the Blue (Pepsi/DirecTV) and the Red (Coke / Dish Network). Both the wars don't seem to end any time soon and they never have a probable winner because they are always equally poised.

The best Satellite TV Providers in USA and the only providers worth mentioning are Dish Network Satellite and DirecTV Satellite. Both these providers have almost the same pricing, almost the same number of channels and packages. Both these satellite TV Providers have award winning customer care service and several innovative features. There are few other Satellite TV Providers (New & Old) but they have not matured enough to provide any kind of competition for these providers.

So which of these providers is the Top Satellite TV Provider? That's a difficult question to answer, but this site has been built to help you decide which of the two providers suits your requirements the most. There are tools available in this site that allow you to compare the satellite tv providers by their various satellite TV packages, Local Channel availability in your area and other features. If you are interested in receiving specific channels, you can search for those channels and check if it’s available with which of the two satellite TV providers