About Us
Sa is a an independent feminist webzine that publishes writing on violence against women, development, women’s political participation and representation in the media. We also feature the funny side to this gendered and unequal world, the observations of our literary critics and works of feminist fiction.

Mission and Vision

We believe that speaking out and breaking the silence on gender and women’s issues is Step One in the long journey towards equality.  We seek to be an honest and intelligent observer of society and development and report on what we see, as feminists.
This we do through well-researched articles on specific and topical issues, witty commentary on society and media, reviews and analysis of literature centred on women and interviews and profiles of people actually working in the area of gender and women’s development.
What we hope to achieve through Sa is to kick-start conversation on issues concerning women and gender. We believe people of all genders would be happier - and far less confused, frustrated or angry - if we could all engage in more open conversation about gender stereotypes, abuse, violence against women or even the gender perspective in the last movie that came out. That is what Sa wants to achieve.

Our Name
Sa means “She” in Sanskrit. Our url sa vadati means “she speaks”. Our name indicates our commitment to leading the conversation on women’s issues. Other things one may derive from it are the fact that the co-founder is excessively fond of Sanskrit and that both founders are Indian.