Savannah Eco Mowing is a locally owned and operated, environmentally friendly lawn care service. Our goal is to maintain great looking lawns for a reasonable price in a way that promotes healthier, low-maintenance lawns while reducing environmental impact.

We use battery powered mowers, string trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers, etc. Why does this matter? First off, you and your neighbors will appreciate the lack of fumes and noise when we mow your lawn, as battery powered mowers and other equipment are quieter and release zero emissions in your yard. In the big picture, commonly used gas mowers and equipment create a surprising amount of air pollution. The EPA estimates that gas mowers contribute 5-10% of air pollution in the US. Battery powered equipment on the other hand can be charged from non-pollutiong renewable energy, such as solar power, but even when charged from non-renewable sources, such as power from a coal power plant, they still reduce reduce air pollution substantially.