At Save Point, we love video games. In mid 2009, we saw Mario Marathon 2 and realized how the world could be changed the world for the better through gaming. And so Save Point was born. We are a new organization devoted to raising money for deserving charities world wide. It was founded when a group of gamers decided to use their God given passions and abilities to better serve the community, and through a live feed camera and playing a marathon of games for days on end, we hope to do some good in this world. We hope that you will watch our marathons and donate through us to the current charity. No money goes to us, it goes through a counter straight to the current charity's website.

Our fist marathon starts August 6; it will be a run of Final Fantasy VII completing all side quests and maxing out all character levels to raise money for the Child's Play charity. The marathon is expected to last approximately 100 hours.