Through decades of research in our top secret facilities, our team of highly inebriated specialists have discovered the elusive and closely held secret to safekeeping your libation while you go on… ahem, walkabout.

Introducing, Save My Drink card, the revolutionary way to keep an overzealous bartender or server from cleaning up while you’re cleaning out. C’mon, you know it’s happened to you before. You get up for a tinkle, go for a smoke, or phone in an excuse to stay out later, and… Gone! The better part of a five dollar drink.

Save My Drink will do just what it says, but in an entertaining and clever way. These handy cards will clip onto your glass or bottle and fend off the drink snatchers (sounds almost like a horror show). They come in a multitude of stock colors or they can be customized with your business information. Imagine having your name and business front and center on one of these new novelty items.