SavePatches is an innovative fundraising website that brings together people wanting to raise money for causes with family, friends, colleagues and random SavePatches users wanting to donate.

But what makes SavePatches so unique, is that fundraisers can reach and appeal to their donators in a completely new and interactive way! With an internet connection and webcam, fundraisers can broadcast their live fundraising events, and by simply visiting SavePatches, users can enjoy the events, donate securely and even chat in real-time with the event hosts.

Fundraisers can share their event with thousands of SavePatches users, and viewers can enjoy and donate to a range of fundraising broadcasts that appeal to them.

Fundraisers can raise money for any cause they choose, including national and local charities. Many recognised charities have registered on this website as an Official SavePatches Charity, allowing the donation money raised for them through fundraising broadcasts to be paid directly to their account.

Fundraising and donating through SavePatches is not only easy and quick, it is free! And most importantly the new and innovative fun way to raise and donate money.

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