Hi, I'm Victoria an Independent Child Shield, U.S.A Representative and I would like an opportunity to share with you my personal story... I have never wrote about it online. I have tried to put it out of my mind; however, when I was given the opportunity to protect millions of children - hopefully your child(ren) too! I had to post my own story. While writing it, it brought back a lot of bad memories. If it means saving even just one life - it's worth it to me. I hope you will take the time to read my story.

IMPORTANT information follows.

For a Limited time parents and guardians of minor children can join, AT NO COST,

“National Child Watch Team”.

You will receive:  FREE

-          Child Safety DVD viewing (local sign-ups only)

-          Monthly Child Safety Briefing by Email

-          $2,000 Reward Posted if your child were to become missing

-          Participation to receive up to $50,000 Reward for helping recover a Registered      Child

-          Participation to receive up to $2,000 Reward for information on the F.B.I’s Most Wanted  Child Molesting Predators.        

Contact me for information on how to sign up. Again this is at no cost to you.

Do you ever find yourself hearing the horrible news stories about a child that has been kidnapped thinking - "That will never happen to my child?" Well, I'm here to tell you... It can! Take it from me.  I was kidnapped when I was just 13 years old. I was kidnapped in Reno, Nevada at Circus Circus.  Please read on for important information.

Here is my personal kidnapping story:


You look out into the back yard where your daughter was playing just a moment ago.
You don't see her anywhere. You call out for her, but she doesn't answer.


Your son left an hour ago to walk three blocks to his best friend's house for dinner.
His friend's mother calls you. Your son never arrived.


You are at the ballpark with your son. You go to the refreshment stand for a hot dog.
You take your eyes off him for a few seconds to pay. When you turn back, he's gone.


You are waiting at the bus stop for your five-year-old to return from Kindergarten.
The bus arrives and unloads. Your child is not on the bus.


Any one of the Over One Million similar situations that occur each year.

In this moment of crisis, would you know what to do?

It's every parent's worst nightmare, and it's just happened to you. Who do you call first? Should you go out looking? Or, is it better to just stay at home and wait? to do it, can mean the difference between finding that child alive or dead (or not at all). What's more, if only you had taken just ten or fifiteen minutes to discuss preventive safety with your child beforehand, he (or she) would probably never have been missing in the first place.

Sure, this information is frightening, but it's also true. Pretending that these things don't happen is not the way to protect our children, but educating them is. Using prevention and security through education 1st. The highest level of indentification 2nd, and the most eifficient orgranized recovery system 3rd.

For FREE information that could save a child's life contact:
E-mail: cservice@saveskidsnow.com or Call: (503) 728-3143
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