Sadie is a dog who was found in the mountains of Kentucky.  After having a litter of puppies, she was shot between the eyes and in the back and paralyzed.  Kind people found her and brought her up to a no kill shelter where I found her and adopted her. Through a lot of work, she is no longer fecally or urinary incontinent,  and she is mobile, but she cannot walk. She receives intensive rehabilitation therapy every day to strengthen her legs. Sadie has been on the cover of 6 major publications, multiple TV show, including THE Balancing Act on the LIFETIME network, local and international radio, personal appearances and the list goes on.  Go to www.savingsadie.com to learn more.
Sadie is a happy, healthy beautiful (now) dog who teaches acceptance of people and animals with disabilities like herself.
Very animated and very lively, she is the epitomy of second chances!