Are You a Success Oriented Individual, Small Business Owner, Service Professional, Coach, Speaker or Consultant Who Would Like to Be More Successful; Work Smarter, Not Harder And Learn the Shortcuts to Success? Would You Like To Learn What Successful People Know and Do?

If I’ve just described you, you’re in the right place. Tony Robbins, the world’s best known coach and a giant in the human potential field is regularly quoted as saying; “success leaves clues,” which is great news for us all. It means that success can be duplicated by modeling what successful people know and do.  As a coach/educator, that’s what I help people do.

I’m Kathy Santini, the principal of Savvy About Success. As a highly experienced success and results coach/educator, I have coached and taught people about the shortcuts to success for many years.

I use my skills honed as a journalist to get cutting edge information about success from researchers and leaders in the human potential field and from successful people themselves. As a coach/educator I use this knowledge to teach my clients what successful people know, giving them shortcuts to success which helps them become more successful.

And successful on their terms, however they define success – its different for all of us. I do this via one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs, mastermind groups, workshops, and teleseminars and telesummits.

I’m a big believer and have an impressive track record of going after what you want, whether its education, resources, experiences, or relationships. My message is this: life is short, none of us know what’s just around the corner and it’s absolutely ludicrous not to make the most of your life.

Are You Settling For What You Think You Can Have? Please Don’t Settle – Decide You Want to Be More Successful And Let Me Show You How

Here’s what I find incredibly sad: many people settle for what they think they can have, based on their past experiences, or limitations that they or others have placed on them. Our culture erroneously believes that we are our past, the past predicts the future and that biography is destiny.

But here’s what’s important, it’s just not true! Deciding what you want is the ultimate power. Having decided, the next step is gathering the information, tools and strategies to help you do exactly that. My mission and great passion is to help others become more successful in their lives.

Here’s The Truth About Success
Success can be replicated; it’s all about having the right mindset, creating great habits, knowing what to do and then taking action.  You can increase your chances of success using many of the tools, tips and practices we regularly share with members of our online community. In actual fact, luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity.

The fact that you can duplicate success is good news whether you’re already successful, or are just beginning your success journey. And better yet, you can become successful or even more successful no matter what your age.

In Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill writes that former president Abraham Lincoln was a failure at everything he tried until he was well past 40. And yet today, many revere him as one of America’s greatest presidents.

Do You Want To Learn How To Be More Successful?
Are you interested in leveraging my experience and knowledge both as a journalist/researcher and coach/educator to help you reach your goals faster, with less effort? Are you interested in becoming savvier about success so that you can spend more time enjoying the activities and people that are important to you? Are you interested in learning the secrets successful people know, so that you can earn more money and enjoy everything that life has to offer?

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A Few Testimonials From Clients Who Wanted And Became More Successful With Our Help

My sessions with Kathy were invaluable; I can’t imagine money better spent. Six months later, I am now a sole proprietor in my field of expertise and I work less than I did before and make more money, Jane Thomson, business owner, Duncan.

As I’ve worked with Kathy over the past year, I’ve experienced fantastic changes in my life. Committing to work with her was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I now see possibilities for the future that I never thought possible. I am no longer waiting for life to get better. I’m living the life I want now. Melanie McIntosh, business consultant, Vancouver, B.C.