We are a group of retired insurance brokers who are determined to help people make good buying decisions when it comes to insurance products such as life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance and commercial insurance.

We are not active brokers so we do not take clients.

We know that most people do most of their research on the web and while there are a lot of great sites with great information, not too many (none we know of) focus on the scam side of things.

We do both, we educate readers about the individual products -- how they work, why they work, when they work, who they work for -- but we also feel there is a gap where experienced brokers can help others avoid the disreputable agents and brokers out there who will do just about anything to make a sale. These people often justify their behavior by saying they aren't breaking the law, and sure enough, they usually are not. But just because you haven't broken the law doesn't mean what you did was honest and above board.

We'd like to even the playing field for the average insurance consumer. You, your brother, father, mother, friend, son, or daughter...