The Say it forward


“Say it forward, begins with You.”  At Say it forward it’s “wisdom of the crowd meets product development.”


Our mission is to inspire, share and connect people of all ages, races and backgrounds by bringing people together face to face to create social good.


A fun, unique and interactive experience.  Connecting to new friends and using the power of  your words to make a difference.

Hello, we are sisters  Steph and Allie and we are the creators of Say it forward™, along with our mom who calls herself the “Chief Ideas Officer.”

We have created a product and started a movement.  Say it forward is a hip new way in which people communicate.  It’s like pay it forward, but with words!

Almost everyone these days send messages by texting, emailing and using social media, creating messages that do not last and lack a personal connection.

In these troubled times, we all  know that people are seeking meaning.   Say it forward + Co.  creates an experience that everyone will remember and talk about!

We crowd source sayings and quotes from people and turn them into Collections that are little cards and t-shirts right now, with plans to add other fun items as we grow.

We are a direct sales online business whose mission is to use our products to benefit others.  Our aim is to spread kindness & positivity.  Imagine if every person in the world was a little bit happier, because they received a Say it forward card.

These little cards might not change the world, but we are convinced they will change someone’s world:)

Say it forward begins with me.   Say it forward begins with you.

Kindest regards,

Steph & Allie