SAY provides online private tutoring to Korean learners. Our students register an account on our website and purchase lesson packages to learn with a tutor we personally matched them with based on their learning needs and preferences.

Our customers can select a course, the lesson topic, and the class schedule according to their own availability, as opposed to offline classes at a university or language center.

To take lessons, students simply log into our system on the day of class and they can connect directly with their teachers over high-quality, state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. Our platform is available both on mobile and web applications.

As explained in the previous section, we curate our own curriculum and have an all-in-one platform that allows anyone interested in Korean to learn with us regardless of time differences or geographic locations.

We supply our teachers from several key partnerships that provide us access to high quality, educated professionals with the time and passion to teach Korean. As part of our social mission, roughly 75 percent of our teachers are retired Korean professionals ages 50 years older and over.

Because we are able to produce our own high quality educational content, source from the best recruiting centers, and provide a service that’s online, our business is highly scalable and delivers consistent, excellent results.


SAY offers a wide variety of online 1:1 Korean tutoring lessons. We’ve curated over 100 topics based on daily life and current events, separated into 5 course levels. Lessons are designed by our team and lead curriculum developer with over 10 years of Korean teaching experience at Yonsei University.  

Unlike traditional curriculum from a university Korean course or a course taught at a Korean language centre, the SAY curriculum focuses on improving conversation skills. Students are encouraged to share their opinions and practice critical thinking/analysis as they progress through the various course levels.

Our lessons are divided into 5 levels of difficulties, starting with Level 1 for complete beginners. Our Level 1 course teaches student the Korean alphabet and basic grammar. We have a partnership with Talk to Me in Korean and we use their Level 1 curriculum to teach low-beginner students. In the future, we will design our own low level beginner course.

From Level 2-5, the courses get progressively more difficult with challenging questions and topics that require higher level comprehension. Level 2 (High Beginner) focuses on basic everyday conversations such as “How to Order Food” or “Make a Hotel Reservation.”  Level 3 (Intermediate) dives into more Korean culture and perspectives such as Sogetting (Blind Dates) and Korean Holidays. Level 4 (High Intermediate) challenges students with more specialized topics that involve greater analysis such as “Finding the Perfect Job” or “How Can I Save Money?” Our Level 5 (Advanced) course invites students to participate in more intellectual discussions and debates on subjects such as “Living in a Multicultural Society.”

Each lesson within our courses contains a specific theme and relevant icebreaker questions, vocabulary words, and grammar structures. The lessons usually last one hour with follow-up and review. Afterwards, the tutors provide a detailed feedback form that shows the student’s performance and important information they learned from class.

All of our lessons are available for purchase online. They come in three packages:
Pay-As-You-Go (1 Lesson), Standard (5 Lessons), and Motivator (10 Lessons) packages.

We also have specialized courses on Korean pronunciation. Offline and group lessons are currently being tested. Our Business Korean curriculum will be ready to launch in December.