Please can I introduce you to our new website, sayyedunakareemun.com - we would appreciate your help in building our community.

sayyedunakareemun.com is building a 100,000 strong exclusive global Muslim community who share a common goal to send Ten Million "Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW)" Durood Shareefs upon our Holy Prophet (SAW) every day.

We have updated our website, www.sayyedunakareemun.com to be mobile friendly and extremely simple to use. Simply visit the website & submit your Durood Shareefs. Anonymous submissions are welcome and you can also register an account to track your monthly submissions in the style of a "fitness tracker" - this is totally optional and we have strict data protection rules in place.

To join us all you have to do is recite: "Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW)" a minimum of 100 times or more a day . It takes less than 2 seconds to recite once and less than 3 minutes to recite 100 times a day. It is that simple!!


sayyedunakareemun.com is dedicated to the whole Ummah of Rasoolullah Sallalaho Alayhi Wasallam.