Maning activities

In recent years, SBC Group AG, through its subsidiaries and partners, has acquired a thorough knowledge of eco-friendly mining.

Through its Malian subsidiary and under the direction of Dario Littera, SBC Group AG explores and operates gold mining sites. The group also works in partnership with already-established mining companies in order to provide its expertise through many realated activities.

SBC Group AG operates a platform of cutting-edge mining equipment in Mali, which is both ecological and adapted to local practices and to the land. The company provides its service and follows up directly with artisanal mining sites. The aim of this approach is to change current methodologies to bring a new practice to the local miners that is thoughtful and respectful of the environment while increasing the recovery rate of the precious metal gold.

SBC Group AG combines mining operations with the reclamation and rehabilitation of former mining sites, as well as introduces an agricultural economy in these areas that are currently devastated and dangerous. In cooperation with local authorities, the group also plans to introduce a label for mining that adhere to a charter that respects both the environment and women and children.

Gold Expertise

SBC Group AG has expertise in gold that few companies can claim. Indeed, with its years on the ground in Africa and in the corridors of international high finance, SBC Group AG adds real value to its partners, as well as to its own mining operations.

Very soon, under the chairmanship of Dario Littera, SBC Group AG will increase its presence in Mali by developing a comprehensive gold management center. This country will be able to process the metal on site and in compliance with international standards.

SBC Group AG's logistics and expertise departments have modern technology that allows highly precise and instantaneous metal analysis. The establishment of a foundry and a private expertise center in Bamako, Mali is the first step of a long-term policy and the beginning of a journey towards the establishment of major structures for gold and precious materials processing.

Financial Gold

SBC Group AG benefits from increased knowledge of the financial world. Gold no longer has to prove its value in an investment portfolio because it is considered by many investors as a safe investment. Because of its expertise and qualifications, SBC Group AG is able to offer investment opportunities to individuals and firms wishing to secure their assets while placing it in a company with strong growth potential and profitability.

The finance department structured around its director brings to the company a global view of the gold market and its financial capabilities. Recognized banking partners also surround SBC GROUP AG in order to have control over its investment tools with complete autonomy. This gives SBC Group AG great flexibility as well as an ability to react quickly and accurately.

We are also available to review partnership proposals with mining distributors who wish to reach a second level of financial income and/or to define the equipment necessary to increase the production and quality of their gold extraction.

SBC Group AG knows how to accompany both individual and firm investors through all of the steps toward expected financial success.