Solid Benefit Guidance (SBG) is a client-intimate human capital and advisory
firm that specializes in pharmacy benefit management, employee benefits, and
human resources. SBG’s ability to provide proactive, customer-centered service and
to deliver significant benefit solutions has resulted in clients receiving maximum
value for their pharmacy, benefit, and human resource dollars. SBG’s specialized
expertise allows clients to achieve positive results including saving money on
healthcare spending, reducing administrative burdens, and improving clinical
outcomes while decreasing liability on compliance and legal issues.

SBG’s personalized service philosophy and overall approach to healthcare
spending brings continuous value to the bottom line. With integrity, creativity, a
proactive approach, and a team of experienced healthcare professionals, we
continuously strive to anticipate issues that will inevitably arise and provide
solutions that make sense for each of our clients. We scour the market to
determine the best possible ways to bring value to each of our clients and to ensure
their expectations are exceeded.