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S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is considered a pioneer in the smartphone filmmaking industry. A vision by founder Susy Botello during the events of 9/11 embarked her on a journey to realize it. Launching the festival in 2009 with SBP, before the iPhone 4 was released and realizing after its release that the industry was on the same path.

S. Botello Productions™ was officially launched by Susan Botello in San Diego in 2006.

IMFF has always been about making movies only with phone cameras, no other mobile device, for the cinema and the large screen. As the first film festival of its kind, it's set the bar in the industry.

Since its inaugural in-person festival in 2012, the festival has been a host to a global community where many have come to San Diego from countries as far as New Zealand and Australia and as close as Chile and Canada. Some European filmmakers from the UK, Spain and Italy have also attended in person.

In 2012, SBP launched the unaccredited San Diego based Mobile Film School which has presented workshops in and outside the festival since the first film festival where it was introduced via a stop-motion workshops with an in-person contender from Macedonia.

Host of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking aka "SBP Podcast," Susy Botello, created the podcast as The voice of mobile film™ in 2017. It's published over 140 episodes, at the time of this writing. The SBP Podcast inspires its listeners with guests focused on making movies and videos with smartphones.