SBS Consulting and Distribution Inc. is a global management consulting firm serving Startup, SMB Mid-Market, and Enterprise level organizations in the Mobile, Wireless, Data, Cloud, SaaS, IT, Network Infrastructure, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Consumer Electronics, Sofware, Retail and Computer industries. SBS offers a wide portfolio of Professional Services including Marketing, Training, PR-Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Sales, Customer Care, Distribution, Application Development, Turnaround Assistance, Executive Coaching, Strategic Business Planning, Finance, Operations and Human Resource assistance programs. With a global network of certified "Network Affiliates", SBS is based in Parkland, Florida. For more information, please contact SBS at 11740 NW 71st Place Parkland, Fl. 33076, Phone: 954.796.2131, Email: info@sbsconsultinginc.com, URL: http://www.sbsconsultinginc.com.