In our extremely competitive business environment we know that training and development is essential for equipping your leaders, managers and employees with the tools, skills and capabilities to perform at their best. SBSI Training and Development Solutions can help you provide those developmental opportunities regardless of the delivery method you choose. If it’s your desire to utilize your team and require off the shelf or customized training materials we can fulfill that need. If you seek top notch professional delivery we have the capability to provide some of the premier training talent available. We have selected some of the most notable thought leaders in areas such as Leadership Development, Managerial Instruction, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Team Building, Diversity and Inclusion and Intercultural Marketing. These individuals will help you develop and implement highly effective initiatives for implementation that meets the needs of the culture of your organization. In today’s high paced environment we offer state of the art and more traditional delivery options which include stand up delivery, individual coaching, as well as eLearning options that include video email reinforcement training. We are also able to deliver training via smart phone technology. We can fulfill your training needs any time and any place you require. Thanks you so much for visiting our website, we look forward to providing you with the training and development solutions you require.

Our mission is to provide your organization with the training and development solutions that you need.
Strategic Planning

For those key training initiatives that require leadership support, we help you engage your leadership team to provide their support. We halp them build their mission statement, we measure where the organization is currently positioned through the design and facilitation of needs basement. We also measure progress and build in accountability links as needed.
Training Materials

We work with some of the most prominent training material publishers. We provide you with the specific materials you need to provide your leadership, management, teams, and individual contributors with the learning experiences they need to more effectively perform in their specific roles. If we don’t have the materials you seek, we’ll find what you need.

We know that in many instances you require customized materials. We’ll customized design and customize materials to fit your organization. We’ll conduct the research to ensure that we provide you with learning opportunities that are realistic for your organization. We take a look at the culture of your organization and build scenarios that match your culture and environment. We ensure that as your population emerges from training they are ready to perform.
Train the Trainers

Our world class team of facilitators deliver Train the Trainers programs that are either focused on facilitation skills or specific programs plus facilitation skills. Our process includes, instruction on adult learning techniques, adult learning design models, actual video taped facilitation with feedback from program participants their peers) and our team, individual coaching and detail explanation of the training modules that we are working on.

As part of the process, as training is implemented in your organization, if preferred or required our facilitator will co-facilitate with your rainier/facilitators  until they are comfortable with their degree of mastery.

In circumstances in which you prefer our team to facilitate your sessions for you, we are happy to do that. We have a team of world class facilitators and subject matter experts in areas such as Leadership development, Managerial skills building, Team Development, Empowerment / Engagement, diversity and inclusion and cross cultural communication.

Many of our consulting team also provide individual coach to executives, managers and teans as desired. Those who engage in coaching are certified coaches.

In today’s competitive environment we provide customized training online. Formalized eLearning includes our advanced LMS which allows participants to register online, track progress and confirms their completion of online courses. We also provide our clients with the tools to measure learning through pre and post tests. We also can verify within topic areas that learning has taken place with quizzes. Our system has been approved by many governments agencies for certification in the Licensing process.
Re-enforcement Training

We also use current technology to reinforce training. Through the use of webinars, prerecorded presentations, video email and mobile technologies we are able to re-enforce all of our more formalized training. With these technologies and and formalized elearning, were are able to reach any population 24/7. This means that you