Some business writing and inbound marketing thoughts from Stephen Bush, CEO and Chief Business Writer for AEX Commercial Financing Group:

“Both search engines and business clients have rapidly devalued the everyday use of short articles that are not informative. But what should business owners and managers use as a practical replacement? In many cases, white papers can fill this new void better than other available options. However, this does introduce a new business writing problem for many unprepared companies and their executives — lack of specialized expertise for producing an effective white paper.”

“Prospective customers have high expectations when evaluating new business writing products and services. To help meet and exceed these expectations, AEX produces a customer-centric business writing portfolio by blending five practical and cost-effective ingredients — case studies, press releases, extended articles, white papers and content research.”

"I advocate a practical and cost-effective approach to business writing and inbound marketing — Thinking Outside of the Blog."

Business Writing Services from Stephen Bush and AEX