As leading partners/sisters of Scala Sorelle LLC, we take pride in offering the best makeup and/or hair services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Receive high-quality professional services, from Scala Sorelle LLC based in East Hanover, NJ. Whether your goal is large or small, our team of beauty experts can provide the resources and solutions you need to achieve what you have imagined. Our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome. Our multifaceted company is here to assist by providing a wide range of services at affordable prices.
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We chose the name "Scala Sorelle" for our company name because Sorelle means "sisters" in the Italian language, as the two mermaids represent us in our logo. But why mermaids? Mermaids are legendary for only appearing to the true of heart! They symbolize love, beauty, and femininity, while they also represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits, and ferocious independence.

Our goal is to extract every ounce of confidence hiding inside our clients by simply enhancing the beauty that is already held within!