SCALELAB is a multi-channel network for YouTube channels.  A multi-channel network (usually called an MCN) is a group of YouTube channels that has joined forces in order to reap the benefits of being part of a larger community.

For YouTube channel creators, ScaleLab provides the tools, support, community and resources to succeed.  We help each channel increase its views and subscribers, we provide access to high-level brands and sponsors, and we make it easy to connect and collaborate with other channels.  ScaleLab also provides development and production financing to its members on numerous high-profile projects.  And ScaleLab has the most advanced, fun and easy-to-use merchandising program, called Stuff I Like™, which allows members to set up their own personalized online store in less than five minutes.

For brands/sponsors, ScaleLab makes it easy to reach a massive YouTube audience that has been carefully selected to fit precise demo requirements.  ScaleLab’s branding team is always on hand to help create and implement memorable campaigns that engage, energize and deliver extraordinary results.