Detection & Alarm against ingredient harm.  That's not only our slogan but our mission.  Via its patented architecture, ScanAvert alerts the public to unwanted, contra-indicative ingredients in consumable products in the privacy of their cellphone.  At ScanAvert we take privacy seriously; we don't sell or share your information, and are ad-free.

Subscribers download the app on their iPhone [iTunes], or Android [Google Play Store] handset, and register a profile for themselves/their family, selecting criteria among our Prescription page and Common Diets menu, whereby ScanAvert translates the seemingly unlimited number of terms that indicate the presence of a given food allergy.  On our Allowances page, subscribers can establish minimum or maximum limits of daily values/allowances, e.g., calories, carbohydrate grams, sodium milligrams, etc. and through our Custom Diet feature, can even create a personalized dietary filter for any diet or substance, not listed in our menu pages.   In store aisles, they scan barcodes, receive immediate detailed compatibility information, and suggested substitutes.  Whether food allergic, Gluten intolerant, pregnant, nursing, prescription drug user, organic, Kosher, diabetic, dieting, whatever your restriction or observance, let ScanAvert take the guesswork out of choosing healthy, compatible products.  In addition, we deliver auto-notification of recalls right to your handset, for any product in the subscriber's ScanAvert scanning history, a potentially life saving service for those who need to be informed of undeclared allergens or label omissions, but also the general public in seeking increased food safety and avoidance of contaminated products.

Inherent in our service is the creation of a single site where a household's dietary preference/avoidance, illness/conditions, and prescriptions reside, an abbreviated user-friendly electronic health record.   In addition, subscribers have a record of all their product scans and compatibility results in their History, a valuable tool for re-order, or to review in determining cause and effect between products and symptoms.  There are several sources that house allergy information, prescription information and other dietary restriction information, but they are all in separate silos.  ScanAvert brings them all together in one single site/app, a valuable tool for over 40 million Americans that practice label interpretation for dietary restrictions, allergies, practices or illness. For the additional 150 million Americans that take prescribed drugs, ScanAvert offers a simple tool to adhere responsibly, avoiding substances that affect  their drug's absorption, or performance, without requiring a PhD in chemistry.

Consider the vital information we deliver: a parent is alerted that "spelt" is harmful to his wheat allergic child, or that his iron fortified snack interferes with the effectiveness of his antibiotic.  A pregnant woman as alerted that her chosen pain reliever may be harmful to her unborn fetus.   ScanAvert is the only service that answers the simple question: "Is this product safe for ME/MY FAMILY? If not, show me what is.  

ScanAvert is revolutionizing how we shop and care for ourselves, one cupboard at a time.   For additional information visit, www.scanavert.com