Kriya Media is one of India’s first integrated DPO venture focusing on digitization of photos, videos, documents and other offline media. Founded and led by international management team, the company has launched its flagship photo digitization portal, www.scancorner.com in the European market recently. ScanCorner helps people to preserve and share their most precious memories by converting old photos into high quality digital formats

Products & Services:

1. Digital conversion (supporting widest variety of formats)

a) Static media: scanning of printed photos, 35mm negatives & slides, APS Films, Medium format negatives, Instamatic negatives

b) Dynamic media: VHS conversion (more formats to be supported soon)

2. Photo restoration and retouching

3. Digital photo storage: 1 year complimentary with every order. Longer duration storage to be launched soon

4. Print solutions to relive your precious memories: Personalized photo books, photo mugs, beer mugs, T-shirts, calendars and posters. Exciting photo gifts to be launched soon

5. pac n' forget: ScanCorner has launched home pickup solution in India. Soon to be introduced in Europe as well

Stay tuned!