Our investment approach is to support expansion initiatives, and acquisition financing for merger or acquisition events.
We seek investment opportunities that support long-term growth initiatives and satisfy liquidity objectives.
The group is headquartered in Toronto, with additional offices in Detroit, Winnipeg and Europe.
We seek investment opportunities that serve a long-term growth opportunity and liquidity objectives. Our funds investment approach is:
Growth Capital Capital support for business plan and expansion initiatives
Recapitalizations Improvement of capital structure, preservation of cash flow
Acquisition Financing Capital support for contingent merger or acquisition events.

Metals & Mining
We serve metals and mining companies globally. The major metals and mining segments covered include: precious metals, base metals, coal, aluminum, steel production and processing, specialty steel and building materials.

Oil & Gas
Our group provides services to the oil and gas industry on a global basis.

Our group provides a full range of services to the power industry on a global basis. We are concentrating principally on investor-owned power companies.

If you are interested in us taking a look at your project kindly send us the following documents:
Project Investment Summary
Proven Reserves Report
Experienced management team with an excellent track record of building companies
Detailed Use of Funds Document
Five Year Proforma Financial Projections (ie if you get your investment this is the revenue/profit stream you conservatively expect to achieve)
Geological Surveys & Reports (43-101, 51-101, 51-102, 3D Seismic, etc.)
Financing Deal Structure you are seeking (debt, mezzanine, equity, debt/equity combo, JV, Buyout, etc.)

Typical Transaction Terms
Amount:  $5 million to $100 million
Term:  3 – 5 year available, and negotiable up to 10 year
Loan to Value: Up to 60% of the collateral property value
Exit: Must have planned takeout strategy
Collateral:  1st lien position
Pricing: Points at origination with interest rates from single digits the low double digits depending on the type of loan, length of term, risk and deal structure and payable monthly, or quarterly (may include PIK).
Amortization:  None (100% of principal due at maturity)
Equity Features:  Warrant or option to purchase 5% to 20% minority interest in common and/or preferred stock