Scantranx Technologies Inc. is an Information Technology company with focus on Mobile Innovations, and customized software applications for the retail sector.

Our mission is to create a highly cost effective, reliable and flexible solution that will support retail businesses that meets global standards.

In the next few years, we aspire to be best retail solution provider in the world that will contribute to the growth of the retail sector with the adoption of advanced and unique technologies.  

Our primary objectives are highlighted below:

•To keep providing the right tools necessary for the growth and improvement of retail business through continuous research, development and implementation.

•To break-down barriers and improve accessibility to state-of-the-art ICT tools that would help retail business maximize their potential.

•Improve the functionalities of POS system through product upgrade and continuous integration with powerful tools required to drive retail business growth.

•To make our brand a globally recognized and highly competitive brand.

Presently we are promoting our award winning retail software solution (Scantranx Retail Solution). Scantranx is an easy to use cloud based Omni-channel retail solution with unique integrated components such as a powerful Inventory management system, Mobile Point of Sales (POS), Mobile Commerce Application, Ecommerce Application, Self-Service Application, a built-in API for third party integration, real-time product search engine for consumers and a powerful analytics dashboard for retailers to make informed business decision.

Scantranx can be used by any business irrespective of the size, or warehouses, and it’s available on major operating system platforms such as Android and Windows. The product can integrate seamlessly with existing hardware and can also be customized based on request.

It is simple to use and effectively keeps track of retail product catalogues, multiple inventories and huge number of customers, the Scantranx solution integrates every aspect of a retail business in a single, easy-to-use package.