Scaring The Wives was originally formed in the late 1960's when Bob Lien, Chris Kast and Dave Bramson formed a 3 man guitar playing troupe known as Mystic Licorice. Mystic Licorice took to playing local venues and engagements in the San Pasqual Valley of Southern California. Jeff Fuller soon joined the original three as bassist and Chris then moved over to drums. The band played through the end of the decade and into a few years of the new one playing mostly rock and roll covers and a couple original songs. In the early 1970's the band called it quits because of irreconcilable differences and the members got on with life. Drummer Chris found himself off the Vietnam coastline fighting in the war, the other members enrolled in college, then careers and family.

Fate brought the band together again! The guy's, now in their 50's, thought it was time to give it another go! Even though a little beat up from double hip replacements, countless cartilage surgeries, arthritis, back issues, jobs changes and rehabs the dream of stardom was just to strong to keep the musicians doing what they love most, playing and performing music.

In the early part of 2000 the band changed their name to "Scaring The WIves" because that is exactly what they were doing. The once girlfriends, and now wives of the original members, remembered all to well what the 60's and 70's were like and thought 'here we go again'.  Scaring The Wives started playing some of the same old haunts as before and their popularity grew.  They played through two years of the 'Evening on the Green' Summer Concert series in the San Pasqual Valley. Paid some more dues with countless house parties, benefits, bar mitzvah's and dives.  It soon became clear to the band that they needed to expand their sound. Cindy Clark, longtime friend,  joined the band in Spring of 2012 as a vocalist.  Curt Fonseca, a friend from high school days, joined in July 2012 picking up some rhythm guitar duties. Scaring The Wives was off and running.

Scaring The Wives plays a mixture of Classic Rock, Americana, Blues, and original music. Their shows are reminiscent of the summer of love small club scene with lights and dancing. Their local following is becoming Grateful Dead like as fans have labeled themselves "Wife Heads" ranging in age from 19 to 70 years plus spanning many generations and music genres. They have become one of the most sought after bands to see in the San Diego area.